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Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Cheese-Eatin' Surrender Monkeys!

Does anyone remember who came up with that name for the French? It's certainly better than "Frogs". I was never quite sure where "frogs" came from. Where's the connection? Frogs are constantly in water. In contrast, as Disney found out, they sure had a problem with bathing every day so that they wouldn't stink up their Euro-Mickey suits.

Now Cheese-eatin' Surrender Monkeys... that's a good one. It's colorful and accurate. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Who came up with "Cheese-Eatin' Surrender Monkeys"? I'm fairly cetain it was
David Letterman .. but can't be sure. It would have been years and years ago.. maybe even during the NBC days.

David Letterman, Political Guru. Gotta love it.
Well, here's his insight on Iraq. Let's all learn from Dave.

posted by DRH 2/11/2003 01:13:00 AM

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