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Friday, February 28, 2003

I must read
this . It looked good at a glance, anyway. But me too sleepy to read now. The book he refers to sounds good, too.

posted by DRH 2/28/2003 01:57:00 AM

Thursday, February 27, 2003
Jumpin' Jehosephat! Jewish Jugglers!

site with Biblical references to juggling!

posted by DRH 2/27/2003 11:40:00 PM

He Died with his Sneakers On...

Mr Rogers is
dead. Please take a minute and offer up a prayer for him. All sorts of obits popping up... here's some key events in his life and a slideshow. Oh, and don't forget his website

posted by DRH 2/27/2003 08:55:00 AM

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
German Priests do the Darnedest Things
One works part time as an
air steward and one has figured out how to brew beer in a washing machine!

posted by DRH 2/26/2003 09:23:00 AM

French and Germans banned from a
Danish pizzaria. Well... how could could a Danish pizzaria be? What do they have pizza-flavored sweet rolls?

posted by DRH 2/26/2003 09:20:00 AM

Supreme Court: Free Speech not a Crime

A new ruling by the Supreme Court strikes down the mis-use of the RICO act to restrict free speech... 8 to 1. Common sense.. actually followed? I am stunned.

One weird thing about the yahoo article... why is it listed under health?

posted by DRH 2/26/2003 09:16:00 AM

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Children's Art Critic
Mean but funny.

posted by DRH 2/25/2003 12:36:00 AM

French History
How do you say
surrender monkey in Latin?

posted by DRH 2/25/2003 12:33:00 AM

Your Tax Dollars At Work...
Apparenty the U.S. Gummit is giving
800 large to the Grammy Awards. What the...? I wonder how much of our money the makers of Joe Millionaire are getting...

posted by DRH 2/25/2003 12:09:00 AM

Monday, February 24, 2003
Revenge is a Dish Best Sent Cold
Give the gift of
dead fish!

posted by DRH 2/24/2003 11:58:00 PM

Sunday, February 23, 2003
Carnival Troubles

Venetians are getting upset that there are so many tourists coming in for Carnival... but I could have sworn that Carnival had pretty much died off but was brought back a few decades ago for the tourists. Am I wrong?

Actually, I wish I was in New Orleans right now... this is the perfect weekend, the weekend before the big one. At least I can keep in touch with the important stuff via live webcam. Not as much fun as going to the traditional Mardi Gras parades, though.

posted by DRH 2/23/2003 11:43:00 AM

"No Blood for Oil"
To be honest, I think I'm one of the four to five people on the entire planet that doesn't have a strong opinion at this moment as to whether we should go to war in Iraq. I am pretty much certain that the "No Blood for Oil" argument is pretty much bogus.
Peter Ferrera does a good job of illustrating this bogosity.

posted by DRH 2/23/2003 02:21:00 AM


Tired of meeting the same old
guys and gals? Meet cool Catholics at or St. Raphael. Catholic Singles has a good chat area, with lots of friendly people. St Raph's has much more detailed profiles. Both have ways to contact people privately by email and personal messages.

posted by DRH 2/23/2003 12:02:00 AM

Saturday, February 22, 2003
An article by
Catherine Seipp does a good job of portraying the disconnect between advocacy groups (in this case, feminist groups) and the demographic that they claim to represent (actual holders of two X chromosomes).

posted by DRH 2/22/2003 08:08:00 PM

Sucker Punched
A good, to-the-point editorial from the
the National Catholic Register on how scandals in the Church have been exploited. In the same issue, an article giving an update on the subject. It's incredibly scary that they are going after the seal of the Confessional. It doesn't matter that it would violate consciences (or for that matter the First Amendment); there's political hay to be made by politicians. And lawyers. Sigh.

By the by... the register is a good paper... why not subscribe?

posted by DRH 2/22/2003 11:44:00 AM

Yuppie Gourmet Food!
Sandra Tsing-Loh on KCRW, on one of those gourmet market$.
part2 and part3.

posted by DRH 2/22/2003 11:06:00 AM

Friday, February 21, 2003
Conventional Wisdom -- an Oxymoron Whose Time Has Come
Take a gander at this
survey by the Pew Research Center. There are soem unexpected results in there, at least if you harken to the Conventional Wisdom. For example, a higher percentage of conservatives listen to NPR than liberals. (It would have been interesting if they'd included Pacifica in the survey.)

posted by DRH 2/21/2003 07:36:00 PM

All we are saying... is give math a chance

Aerial photography
was used to accurately measure the croud size at the anti-War demos. The number originally reported to be 200,000 - 250,000 people protesting in San Francisco was actually... 65,000.

I still remember going to a Dukakis rally at Justin Herman Plaza where the article in the afternoon edition paper about it was on the newsracks before it was over, reporting a huge number of attendees... the same electoral tidal wave that carried him to the White House. There was no way that the story could have been written after the rally had started. That was when I learned that the estimates in newspapers are, essentially, crap.

posted by DRH 2/21/2003 08:19:00 AM

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I really, really need to just write my own template from scratch... this blogger interface is buggin' me...! In the meanwhile, I've chosen the Obnoxious Cutesty Kitty template.

posted by DRH 2/20/2003 02:40:00 AM

Corndog's Recipe Corner

Have hearty humungous heapin' helpin's of....

posted by DRH 2/20/2003 02:03:00 AM

Cheeseball Commercial Alert!

It's a broad... It's a plane... No... It's Bail Bond Girl! "Honey, you've got to get me out of here... It's almost shower time!" Check out video of this get out of gaol gal. You gotta love it.

This reminds me of the wacky commercials that they used to have on the local stations down in L.A when I was growing up. Some of those images are still lurking in the back of my consciousness... a potentially scary thought.

I have a theory that "Angela Garcia Owner/Operator" is really just the secret identity of... Bail Bond Girl. Great Caesar's Ghost! Holy flying BBGs, Batman! (Or should that be "BBWs"? ) She flies, just like a bumble bee!

posted by DRH 2/20/2003 01:30:00 AM

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Speaking of Protests...

Here's an
amusing view of the anti-War demos, in the popular cartoon format.

posted by DRH 2/19/2003 10:43:00 PM

A Proud Alumnus Moment for Yours Truly

Some of the students at UCLA had an affirmative action
bake sale. And cheesed off major politicos in the process! Who says satire is dead?

posted by DRH 2/19/2003 10:34:00 PM

Give Cheese a Chance

French not so bad, says The New Republic! For that matter, neither is Bush.
Feel the love!

posted by DRH 2/19/2003 08:54:00 AM

Monday, February 17, 2003
You've Come a Long Way, Baby

"How to find sugar daddy".

This book apparently is worse than you think. The author positioning herself as helping women marry rich... she is trying to help women get .. ahem... cough.... "operating capital" from wealthy business men. So they can invest it. (Maybe she was up late one night watching Night Shift? ) Sniff... sniff... I'm gettin all misty here. Call me a romantic.

This seems to be yet another indication that we are taking a bad turn.

posted by DRH 2/17/2003 11:26:00 AM

Neville Chamberlain, Call your office

posted by DRH 2/17/2003 01:43:00 AM

Sunday, February 16, 2003
Protestor Punched a Horse?

Did I hear that right on the radio news? Someone punched. A horse. In New York? What is this, Mongo from
Blazing Saddles????

posted by DRH 2/16/2003 03:13:00 PM

Des Moines Man Gets his 15 minutes of fame!
Moseley-Braun seeks the all-important
Tom Hanson vote

posted by DRH 2/16/2003 03:09:00 PM

Monkey See, Monkey Do

So a while ago, some anti-War Brits we poking fun at Tony Blair but representing him as a poodle (ie, lap dog to Bush). Then it started showing up in U.S. sources.. you'd think that that would play differently in the US; in England it would be an insult, to an American, it's a big "Who Cares?" if a foreign government official gets insulted.

Now, apparently,
Aussie protestors are aping the Brits. Can't anyone generate their own ideas? I suspect the problem is that TV's "vast wasteland" is now international... monkey watch TV, monkey do what TV do... Blair, Bush and Howard are just characters on TV, after all.

posted by DRH 2/16/2003 03:00:00 PM

Saturday, February 15, 2003
A View of the Protests

posted by DRH 2/15/2003 01:35:00 PM

Creepy Valentine's Day Webstuff

Saccarine Monkey

Creepy Old Valentine Collection

Creepy New Valentine (done in Flash, naturally.)

Heart Breaker!

posted by DRH 2/15/2003 03:04:00 AM

Friday, February 14, 2003
A Very 2003 Valentine's
Nothing says love ... or homeland security ... like ... a
duct tape rose! It's too late, though. Dang. Well... I suppose there's always Mother's Day.

posted by DRH 2/14/2003 11:19:00 PM

Thursday, February 13, 2003
Building a House of Race Cards

"Like gangsters taking the Fifth, nominees for federal judgeships (ie, Miguel Estrada) now have their reason for staying mum down to a mantra." -- Slate Magazine

Gee, someone tries to get the first man with a brown skin onto the DC circuit court.. so it's a Good Idea to compare him to a gangster???

posted by DRH 2/13/2003 06:33:00 PM

This just in!

Some genius over at Slate figured out that Buddhism is a religion... and must be, therefore, icky. Or unscientific. Or whatever.

Rub Budda's Belly with your mouse button
to gain "wisdom"!

posted by DRH 2/13/2003 06:20:00 PM

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Les primates capitulards toujours en quete de fromage!

Well, according to
this article and others, the phrase "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" was coined by none other than Bart Simpson. (Check out the whole article, it's fairly amusing.) That's close, but no cigar. It was actually Groundskeeper Willie

Well, apparently France isn't exactly helping it's image... at least with the Brittish, according to Boris Johnson writing in The Daily Telegraph .

posted by DRH 2/12/2003 09:51:00 PM

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Speaking of Cheese Eatin' Surrender Monkeys...
Check out

posted by DRH 2/11/2003 01:54:00 AM

Random Photo

Four Words: You Damn Dirty APE!

posted by DRH 2/11/2003 01:47:00 AM

Cheese-Eatin' Surrender Monkeys!

Does anyone remember who came up with that name for the French? It's certainly better than "Frogs". I was never quite sure where "frogs" came from. Where's the connection? Frogs are constantly in water. In contrast, as Disney found out, they sure had a problem with bathing every day so that they wouldn't stink up their Euro-Mickey suits.

Now Cheese-eatin' Surrender Monkeys... that's a good one. It's colorful and accurate. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Who came up with "Cheese-Eatin' Surrender Monkeys"? I'm fairly cetain it was
David Letterman .. but can't be sure. It would have been years and years ago.. maybe even during the NBC days.

David Letterman, Political Guru. Gotta love it.
Well, here's his insight on Iraq. Let's all learn from Dave.

posted by DRH 2/11/2003 01:13:00 AM

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