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Sunday, January 23, 2005
In the Belly of the Beast : notes on the
West Coast Walk for Life

Yesterday, I went on the Walk for Life in San Francisco, from Justin Herman Plaza to the Marina green. Here are some impressions and random interesting bits.

First, the turnout was amazing. They were saying that 7,000 people showed up. One thing that really stands out is that this is San Francisco -- the bluest part of one of the bluest states. Despite this and a proclamation from Mayor Newsom that yesterday was "Defend Choice Day" (or some equivalent euphemism), there were several times more people that showed on the side of Life.

Second, the pro-abortion folks seemed angry not just passionate, angry.

Third, what a beatiful day! Nice and sunny, mild temperature.

Fourth, some of the counter-demonstrators seemed to be all over the map; some brought up the war in Iraq. Some brought up gay issues. Most assumed that everyone on the pro-Life side were in lock step in every way with the Bush administration. Whenever someone replied that, say, they didn't support the war... the counter demonstrators just looked stunned and confused for a minute... then just haragued the next set of walkers.

Fifth, for some reason, lots of the pro-abortion folks assumed that all the Walk for Life people were from out of town ("Go back to the Central Valley" and "go back to Fresno" seemed to be common taunts.) As above, when someone replied that they were from San Francisco, they just looked puzzled for a minute... then continued the same harague on the next set of walkers. Weird.

More later....

posted by DRH 1/23/2005 02:57:00 PM

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