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Saturday, June 19, 2004
Bill Clinton, RIP
Nope he ain't dead.

Nonetheless, Reagan's funary week smacking into Bill Clinton's Book Tour week (month? year?) made me think about how his death will be received. It occured to me that his funeral won't be about him at all; it will be about millions and millions of Baby Boomers collectively screaming OH MY GOD! I'M OLD! I'M GOING TO DIE!!! My gut feeling is that he's more of a symbol for them folks, first one in the White House of that generation, blah blah blah... he didn't really do all that much that was exciting or memorable (in an official capacity), but he was compitent... but that doesn't make fo a huge memorial. So, in the absence of material based on his actual presidency, teh vacuum will be filled with Vietnam-era Boomers whacked upside the head with thoughts of their own mortality.

That's what I figure, anyway.

No, to figure out how to cash in on this....

posted by DRH 6/19/2004 04:53:00 PM

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