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Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Legal Reform Now
So I was reading this
random article and I was once again reminded that there are a number of, well... idiots in the world, who idiotically get themselves into idiotic postitions. What is the thought process by which someone who ".... think(s) it's wrong to bear arms and do(es)n't want to be involved with war," and finds " the thought of having a gun or having to kill someone ... revolting" decides to join the army!?! Even if these were just guys that were lookjing for money for college... you don't sign up for something abhorrent just to make a few bucks... how stupid are these people?

I'm thinking that there should be a mechanism by which such people can file to have themselves declared legally stupid. The status of legally stupid would allow such stupid people to get out of such things as military service, credit card debts, etc.... but would also prevent them from voting, owning a gun, (non-remedial) education assisance, operating dangerous machinery, etc -- things where intellegence is key. In addition, a court-appointed non-idiot will supervise any contracts or official documents filed by the idiot, to protect him from harming himself.

Think of it as a form of bankruptcy... mentalbankrupcy!

Both the idiot and society in general will gain extra safety.

posted by DRH 3/16/2004 04:59:00 PM

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