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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Wally George is Dead
Okay, I admit that I was pretty surprised that
Wally George was alive several months ago when I saw his book for sale cheap at the LA Festival of Books. Back in the 80s he seemed old as the hills, bad comb-over and all. He show was a jewel of cheap, local TV that could only be produced in Orange County. Essentially, he was a radid right-wing nut, who would invite people even more nutty than he, but on the looney left. Well, some might not have been "left" but still loony. The Looney of the Week would jabber for a while, Wally would bark at him... by strange coincidence, the the LotD would say something that would cause him to be thrown off the show right at the scheduled commercial break! Then, the entire studio audience would chant "Wal-ly Wal-ly Wal-ly!!!!!!!!!!!!" like a bunch of trained monkeys. (Think, "Jerry Springer" but more ape-like.)

posted by DRH 10/07/2003 01:09:00 AM

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