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Saturday, October 11, 2003
I met Laura Ingrahm
And, of course, forgot to take my camera. Grump.

Laura Ingrahm was having a signing for her book, Shut Up and Sing at Seattle Center. (It just occured to me.... is it called Seattle Center, or the Seattle Center? I'm still new in town. I'm still not sure if it's Ukraine or the Ukraine. But then, I don't live in Ukraine. Or the Ukraine. Whatever.) So I figured I'd pick the book up and get it signed. I'm a sucker for any excuse to buy books.

So, I'm in line a couple people behind this guy in a pricey suit. He introduces himself to Laura Ingram, who's quite a bit better looking than the photo on the cover of her book... she asks what he does for a living ("Investment banker"). Cool thing #1 : she says something to the effect that she has problems with investment bankers, but she won't hold it against him. Weird thing #1: he leaves his card with personal contact info written on the back. Is that a trick from Picking Up Celebrity Chicks for Dummies? It was odd.

Cool Thing #2: She likes Tom Waits.

posted by DRH 10/11/2003 03:48:00 PM

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