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Sunday, July 20, 2003
Landlords are the Lonelist People
Now that I'm looking for a place to live, I realize once again that people renting apartments somehow think that it really isn't agood idea to post a sign with any kind of useful information on it... you know, needless trivia like how much it costs, how many bedrooms .. that kind of thing. My theory is that landlords are simply very, very lonely people. They would love you to call if you are looking for a bedroom, even if all they have available is an ity-bitty studio... they just want to talk to someone anyone for a few brief moments. Remeber... if the new anti-telemarketing list goes away it is probably the Loney Landlord Lobby that did it in. "Yes! Yes!! Pleeeeease tell me how I can save on long distance!!!!!"

posted by DRH 7/20/2003 11:04:00 PM

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