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Monday, June 02, 2003
Fair and Balanced
Someone sent me a link to "Busted Halo" ... apparently a site that takes great pains to seem happnin' to the Gen -X -Y -Z crowd. (By-the-by .. what comes after GenZ? GenAA? I hope someone is working on this problem now. I'd hate for us not to have a convenient label to tatoo onto the next demographic group comin' down the pike.

Where was I? Oh yes. The "Busted Halo" folks have a wacky survey question that reminds me of the publisher J. Jonah Jameson's headlines: "Spiderman: Menace or Threat" (geeky Marvel Comics reference). There are no allowances for any positive or even neutral opinon on Bush's environmental policy available. The closest is "always putting the economy 1st as it should be" .. which of course just says that it's good to rape the environment as long as that provides jobs. This kinda thing cracks me up. I thought I'd share.

Oh... weird
Looking over that "busted halo" site, I found something a bit disturbing. Someone sent a query to their "question box", asking whether Jesus had "biological brothers" (question 3). While the answer points out (correctly) that the word used in Scripture for "brother" also means "cousin" (thus, there is no support in Scripture for the idea that Mary gave birth to any children after Jesus, nowhere does Fr Hoover come out and say that Jesus had no such "biological brothers". He just mentions that that is "not as important" as other things. Wha...?

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary is an infallible teaching of the Chirch! What gives here? Why can't he even mention that fact?

I'm also not quite convinced that the main reason Protestants dispute the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother is because it is a "closet argument for celibacy"; my perception is that they are usually targeting the honor which we give Mary as the Mother of God. (Which they misread as worship due only to God.

posted by DRH 6/02/2003 02:53:00 PM

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