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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Whatever happened to the "No Litmus Tests" Mantra?
Apparently Sen. Kerry thinks that all that allegedly high-minded rhetoric from the Democrats about "no litmus tests" on abortion
are crap. Well, at least that litmus tests are fine as long as the requirement is that the judge be pro-abortion rather than anti-abortion.

Yeah, I know, that's supposed to be "pro-choice" in the vague, politically correct lingo that keeps from sating the word "abortion" ... but I choose to write clearly on this. Kerry is pro-abortion in exactly the same way that the NRA is pro-gun. In fact, very much more so.

"Huh?", you say? Well let's look at it. Kerry is for the government paying for and encouraging abortions. The gun nuts over at the NRA only want to be able to buy a gun with their own money. The nuttiest of gun nuts doesn't demand that the government give guns to citizens "on demand".

posted by DRH 4/09/2003 09:55:00 AM

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