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Saturday, April 05, 2003
I just realized something...
So I'm reading this
article about John Kerry, who's violated the traditional taboo against criticizing a war once it's underway. So now he's making all sorts of noise about how "questioning the war isn't the same as being unpatriotic"... but what public official has called him "unpatriotic", exactly? Being critical of John Kerry isn't the same as calling him unpatriotic.

One thing occurred to me; right now Democrats are despirate to be called unpatriotic right now. They want to be able to portray themselves as martyrs victimized by a new McCarthyism. That's my theory, anyhow... it's kind of a double reverse McCarthyism. If true, it's an interesting strategy...

And another thing ... it occurs to me that the mantra I've been hearing, "dissent is patriotic" is simply wrong. Some is, some ain't. I think the correct formulation is "dissent can be patriotic".

posted by DRH 4/05/2003 12:24:00 AM

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