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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
An Iraqi Exile's Take on the War
Kanan Makiya, an Iraqi exile and author of the Democratic Principles Working Group report for the State Department's Future of Iraq Project
has been writing a
journal on the war for The New Republic. Check it out, he has some good insights as to what's going on in regards to the planning for post-war Iraq and his hopes and fears about the same. Also his perspective on the bombs being dropped where he has many friends and relatives is striking:

I am worried. Like every other Iraqi I know, I have friends and relatives in Baghdad. I am nauseous with anxiety for their safety. But still those bombs are music to my ears. They are like bells tolling for liberation in a country that has been turned into a gigantic concentration camp. One is not supposed to say such things in the kind of liberal, pacifist, and deeply anti-American circles of academia, in which I normally live and work. The truth is jarring even to my own ears. -- Kanan Makiya's latest update

posted by DRH 3/26/2003 01:09:00 AM

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