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Saturday, March 01, 2003
Flash is Evil
Well, ok "Flash doesn't annoy people, people annoy people". Sorta, but it's a close call. Flash allows seisure-inducing banner ads that can't be turned off. It provides people to think that their
cartoons are somehow funny because they are animated. In reality, they just slow the "reader" down to the speed of the lowest, slack-jawwed third-grade-level lip-moving reader. OK, I get it. SUVs bad. To save you waiting the whole thing out, here's the "punchline" for the link: get the economy of Saudi Arabia moving. See, you were supposed to think USA, but it's Saudi Arabia. Guffaw. Never heard that before. That's where Macromedia Flash comes in... instead of just scanning a, say 4- or 9- panel cartoon and hitting the joke right away, you have to watch and wait... for that? What would have been beneath notice becomes an annoyance.

Conspiracy AlertThe magazine that featured that "funny" SUV cartoon runs banner ads for from oil companies ... maybe the point is to make the cartoon so obnoxious that it drives people to buy SUVs out of spite?

posted by DRH 3/01/2003 01:02:00 PM

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