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Saturday, January 04, 2003
People of Stupid

While wasting my time reading a
"politics" message board (aka, "mental black hole"), someone brought up the curious fact that the term "colored people" (CP) is horrible and insulting while the term "people OF color" (PoC) is considered to be not only non-insulting, but the preferred term in many circumstances!

When you break it down, it seems that PoC would be the more insulting. If an adjective is applied to a person, it indicates something that belongs to that person; happy person has happiness. Saying that a person is of something says that that person is owned by that thing in some way... the employee of a company, a citzen of the country, etc. Is it really better to say that, rather than having skin pigmentation, it has you?

So I've decided on a new term... "people of stupid". It is not and insult; it is a term that I will use to help People of Stupid to take justified pride in who they are.

All as a public service, you understand.

posted by DRH 1/04/2003 07:51:00 AM

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